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Safety And Security


We believe at INWESCO that our quality is our customers’ safety. Safety and security issues are on the top of your minds as well as ours. We want to keep people safe from injury, and we want to reduce vulnerabilities to security threats to our infrastructure.

Securing Entry to Underground Enclosures

The level of system vulnerability determines the level of concern to keep unwanted intruders out of underground vaults. We have a variety of locking and securing methods to match the level of concern. Our grates, doors, and covers insure you have solid and secure vaults and enclosures.

Protecting Your Own People’s Health

Torsion assist on lid covers helps take the strain off the human back by reducing the load at the lowest point of lifting. Hinge systems allow for smooth opening during entry — no bumps, no jarring, no catching.

We also provide locking hinge mechanisms (kickstands) so that impacts to doors standing open do not allow the doors to fall closed and injure people.

Surfacing Details

Overhead Safety

  • We ensure that our products comply with the GO 95 climbing space rule that helps keep the linemen safe when climbing a utility pole.

  • We design all of our overhead brackets and braces with safety on the top of our mind, and make sure that we understand the elements that the linemen face. Click here to view our transformer cluster mounting bracket to see how we designed it to help withstand seismic loads! (have a link back to 35A316 bracket)